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A Brief, Successful History


he first Backyard Brawl and Sportsman’s Bash kicked off on August 15th, 2009 with a scrimmage game between the Blackhawk Lil’ Cougars and the Chippewa Indians.

All levels of youth football converged on the Northwestern field in Darlington, PA for a day of football, food, fun and games.

Youth Football That evening hosted the first Sportsman’s Bash out at South Beaver Township Community Park. With 900 tickets sold and almost 1100 in attendance, the success of this event was unexpected to the Blackhawk/Chippewa community.

On Friday, September 25th, 2009 the BCCI board and the Presidents of the two youth football organizations, stepped out on to the Northwestern field during halftime of the Blackhawk Cougars Community night game and presented a check for $11,500.00 each to the Blackhawk Lil’ Cougars and the Chippewa Indians. A $23,000.00 donation with no strings attached in our first year.

Year 2 posed a challenge early on. Logistics issues forced us to move away from South Beaver Twp. Community Park. All of a sudden we were 5 months away from the next Bash without a home. While several locations were offered up including, Chippewa Twp. Park by Mark Taylor, Chippewa’s Borough Manager, the location just didn’t fit the long- term expansion goals of the event. Through various connections, we were informed about a serene piece of private property, also in South Beaver Twp., called Wally World. Through several meetings and discussions, the property owner agreed to have the event on his property for 2010.

Dusty Drake performs at the 2011 Bash The success of 2010 proved to be equal to that of 2009 but costs were higher because of the new location. Portable power, lighting and shelter were major contributing factors to the 2010 event costs. With that being said, Over 1000 tickets were sold and over 1200 people attended the event. Despite the brief downpour, local musicians, Vanessa Campagna and the Delaneys kept the event going well into the night. After the event books were closed, the BCCI board once again stepped onto the field at Northwestern in September to present each organization with a $7500 check. So in 2 short years, BCCI Athletic Supporters, Inc. donated $38,000 to youth sports in the Blackhawk Area School District.

The BCCI board of Directors decided for the 2011 event, that they would include the Blackhawk Varsity program on the list of beneficiaries and are open to other youth sports in the Blackhawk school district.

2011 proved to be a banner year with greater awareness of the event which garnered higher ticket sales. The 2011 Bash saw the return of Vanessa Campagna and Zig Daniels from the Delaneys as well as Monaca native and Nashville recording artist, Dusty Drake. We sold 1500 tickets and had almost 2300 in attendance. We donated over $50,000.00 to youth sports as a result of this great event.

2012 proved to be just as successful as 2011 with a 10% increase in ticket sales.Dusty Drake and Scott, Rob and Greg of the Clarks dominated the stage and help BCCI donate $50,000 to youth sports in the Blackhawk School District.

2013 brought the return of Dusty and SCOTT, ROB AND GREG of the Clarks. Another banner year permitted us to donate over $60,000.00 to youth sports including a $10,000.00 stadium fund for the field at Northwestern. Also $2000.00 in scholar/Athlete Awards. In just 5 years we have reached almost $250,000.00 in donations.

2014 brings a whole new entertainment lineup on August 2nd with Donnie Iris and the Cruisers, The Christian Beck Band and the Delaneys.

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